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Hole: 3 & Hole 12

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Blue/Blue 522 5 11
Blue/White 522 5 11
White/White 504 5 9
Yellow/Red 410 5 5

This hole plays to a par of 5 at 504 yards for men from the middle of men's tee. The entire length of the hole borders the salt marsh of the North River. For the ladies, the third hole ladies tee is set up on the hill and plays to 414 yards. For men, the fairway just beyond the driving area contains a severe slope and the fairway is hourglass shaped. A tri-lobed sand bunker crosses the entire width of the fairway about 25 yards in front of the green. The landing area for the second shot is wide and suggests a a right center approach. The green is small and severely contoured.
How to Play It:
The second shot on this hole for better players involves a decision about whether or not to attempt to reach the green in two or not. From the fairway, the green appears just on the other side of the bunker. However, there is 25 yards of approach so don't be fooled. Although this is a potential birdie hole, one can easily score a double bogey if you are not careful.
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