Scituate Country Club
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Hole: 1 & Hole 10

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Blue/Blue 420 4 1
Blue/White 420 4 1
White/White 414 4 1
Yellow/Red 404 5 3

One of the toughest starting holes on the South Shore and certainly the most difficult on the course. For men, the white tees are used on the front 9. The first hole plays at 407 yards, and par 4. The ladies version, played from the red tees plays at 401 yards and par 5. On the back 9, the first hole becomes the 10th hole and is played from the blue tees for men at 422 yards par 4, and from the gold tees for the ladies. The ladies again play the hole at 415 yards and at par 5. The hole plays into a shallow valley flanked by a hillside to the right and a few trees to the left. The second shot is played uphill to a two level green with the level change running from the front of the green to the back. Because of the level split location, the hole plays easiest if the approach is made from the right side of the fairway. The green is also guarded by a bunker on the right.
How to Play It:
Play your drive to the left center of the fairway hopefully down to the 150 marker which is a granite post in the left rough. Your second shot should be played to the left side of the green which is also the upper tier of the green.
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