Scituate Country Club
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Hole: 4 & Hole 13

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Blue/Blue 380 4 5
Blue/White 380 4 5
White/White 373 4 5
Yellow/Red 325 4 13

Hole 4 is a bit of a break from the others, though golfers must beware of the parking lot to the right. The hole is a par 4 coming in at 373 yards from the men’s White tee, and 317 from the ladies’ Red tee. With a slight turn to the left halfway down the fairway, the green isn’t in sight from the tee box. The left hand side is lined with woods. Beautiful views of fourth cliff are present from the tee box, and the driveway lines the right hand side of the second half of the fairway/rough leading up to the hole.
How to Play It:
Avoid the parking lot at all costs. Try to lay your shot up as far around the corner as you can, allowing for a straight approach to the hole.
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