Scituate Country Club
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Hole: 6 & Hole 16

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Blue/Blue 390 4 3
Blue/White 390 4 3
White/White 362 4 3
Yellow/Red 345 4 1

Hole 6 is a straight away resting across the street between the Driftway as it leads up towards third cliff and Hole 5. The distance to the green is 370 yards from the Men’s blue tee, and 345 yards from the ladies red tee. The wide fairway allows for a comfortable drive. Between the green and fairway lies an out of bounds territory full of weeds and tall grass that can cause difficulties to players that don’t respect it. The small green lies up on a hill along the road, and is lined with bunkers on the front left and in the back.
How to Play It:
It is important to take notice of the out of bounds territory between the fairway and the green. A long drive can easily be lost in the weeds, while a pull can end up in the street and a slice can end up on the 5 fairway. Luckily, the fairway is quite wide which leaves most players somewhere in play right off the tee. It is recommended that players lay their second shot up to the edge of the fairway before their approach so they don’t lose a stroke to the tall grass hazard.
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