Scituate Country Club
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Hole: 9 & Hole 18

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Blue/Blue 395 4 13
Blue/White 395 4 13
White/White 386 4 11
Yellow/Red 375 4 7

Hole 9 starts up on a hill and drives down over tall grass onto a flat fairway that is lined with trees on both sides, splitting nine’s fairway from hole 1 to the left, and hole 7 to the right. It’s a rather straight shot with the pond off to the right hand side just before the green, making for a scenic hazard to look out for. Bunkers line the outside of the green on both the left and right sides, as well as in the back.
How to Play It:
Often played as the “longest drive” hole, feel free to swing away as the ball drifts in the air slightly longer than usual before descending from the elevated tee onto the flat fairway below. Be sure to avoid the pond and the trees surrounding it, as well as the bunkers surrounding the green and you’ll have no problem laying up a par on this beautiful closing hole to our course.
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